A & A

(These what I wrote on their Funeral ).

What’s there to say??

There are no words that can explain Aidan & Ainsley let alone individually or what they mean to each and everyone one of you mourning their untimely tragic loss and it shows by this love their receiving today.

I can just tell you what they meant to me and share some stories I had w/ them.

I had to write this down, because when I really think about whats happened other emotions get in the way. 

That way I can share some stories Aidan & Ainsley I remember and wont forget.

Everyone present here is for the same reason I am and all of us are feeling some variation of the same emotions as me.

You know the saying, you can probably your true friend on one hand. Well it was the opposite for Aidan & Ainsley.

Aidan & Ainsley were best friends to my little brother RUDY, 

They knew each other from pimples till adult hood.

Matter of fact, Aidan was hanging out w my Brother & Tiff the day of before his accident.

They lived just around the corner from us growing up. Me and my family in pearblossom around 2000. 

 I knew them as “the Boys” they called themselves “victim crew”. 

When I got back from the army I was about 21 yrs old, my brother used to bug me to take them places, and my mom would tell me “do somethng w/ your brother.”

 , and it wasn’t like it was  2-3 friends,  No these “Victims”  were a solid 6-7 Members !!

I’m  7-8 yrs older than my brother so it wasn’t cool in my eyes to drive around 13 yr olds all day. I was trying to get at chicks. 

I know Ainsley of the crew for sure .

So I would take them places from Hollywood, Sylmar, you name it, all these skate areas , one of the longest trips was simi valley and that’s leaving from Palmdale and it was far.  

But in the process of me hanging out with them, they became my little brothers as well. 

I watched them grow up from kids to adult young men through the years. 

And im proud of each and every one of them. 

I know they never heard me tell them, and shoot my own brother has probably only heard me tell no more than four times, (and the fourth time was through instagram when his daughter was born 2 months ago) 

but I love each and everyone of them like they were my brother.

I always got the Chillist freaking vibe from Aiden always, 

 I remember me and Aiden Nirvana, music, chicks.

He was a very laid back guy, I got the ” no worries …everything is cool vibe from him …always.” 

and Ainsley….. He was just really good guy, I got that happy hippy vibe as he got older. He was honestly like a puppy but in a human form such a lovable guy and not a hate in his bone.

 I mean, I think he felt bad stepping on ants. 

In my mind Ainsley will always be that kid wearing a beanie with his long red hair and braces smiling from ear to ear proud to be smiling 

So many stories,from them doing a show at my moms house about 12 yrs ago, I mean they wear on the roof rocking it and let me get on the microphone to rock w them for over an hour, 

Longer than I should have had it it w/ over 30-50 people watching us having a good time, dancing. It was just LOVE at every social gathering. 

Thats what I remember most.LOVE I admire my brother and his group of strong friends,

 these guys knew each from being kids to adulthood like the movie Stand by me and remained strong always till this day.

So it hurts me to see him hurting  and all his friends and esp. family Because  Ainsley & Adain were really good guys and didn’t left us WAY to early.  

I’ll never get a chance to record w/t them or rock another house show or share another beer but I will always remember the memories and love I have for them.


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