Life is Sweet

Life is sweet after all

No matter what anybody says

Live life till you decay, while your alive today,

turn the city upside and round

Upside down the frowns

… Now … I in a “new” life has been found

cherish while your still around

while I forever will be the clown, smiles and laughter

My children see my Pasture I lay

foundation through my love, my fear an love to the GOD above,

may he bless the time left in the hour glass

Though @ times I might live it ” fast” through my rebellious ways,

Voodo child , I must say 🙂

Dancing at times under the rain,

Hard to explain.., but let me explain

Let me be free, chilling asleep on the sands of the beach

Sounds of waves & wake up and read

Wake up drink and fall back asleep

But just let me breath

Release. And vent the cold I feel when I can’t reveal

Its like life is twisted and disgusting

Everyone acting corrupt

I can give a f*ck

Except for my children

Just listen at my thoughts

No one feels like I do

So I’m soiled in my plots

Strange stage of disarray

Where I’m the observer

The one that people don’t care if the world runs over

Kiss me right where I bend over

I happen to evade in the shade as the loner


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